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What is AlphaCom?
AlphaCom is a fully featured multi-session terminal emulation program written for Windows 8.x, 7, Vista, XP, 200x, NT, ME and 98SE. Features include: SSH, Telnet, direct RS-232 and dialup modem connections, ANSI, Wyse 50/50+, Linux, IBM3151, Wyse 60, SCO Console, VT 52, VT 100, VT 102, and VT 220 emulation.

Also, dynamic font sizing, free LPD and pass-through printing support, saving of individual session files, online help, multi-protocol file transfer, finger, host lookup, ping, traceroute, time client, LPD remote printing, international character set and keyboard support, Active X developer toolkit, scrollback buffer, launch from default web browser, highlights and activates URLs, and much more.

What is the cost of an AlphaCom license?
The cost for AlphaCom is US$25.00 per user. Purchases of 100 to 499 users are US$20.00 per user.

What is the cost of AlphaCom software on CD with an accompanying certification card?
The cost for the AlphaCom software CD and certificate card package is US$15.00 per set. Or they can be purchased separately at US$12.00 for the software CD and US$6.00 for the certificate card. Please see the order form that appears after you click on the Buy Now button of the Purchase page opposite the AlphaCom product description.

How can I get technical support for AlphaCom?
You may send us a message or telephone (US) 401-681-2010. Pre-sales technical support is free. One year of free technical support is provided with the product's purchase.

How can I make a purchase?
You may make an online purchase at our website We also accept company checks, bank checks, purchase orders (only within the US), and wire transfer orders (see next question). Sorry, we only accept US dollars. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email with your serial number and activation key needed to register the product. Orders are normally processed within one business day.

How may I make a wire transfer purchase?
Please perform a FAX order on our web site with your company details and fax to us indicating that you are sending a wire transfer. Our fax number is 401-681-2007. Kindly call us at 877-344-9033 (toll free) for our bank information necessary to initiate a wire transfer.

There is a US$20.00 surcharge to do this for one of the two bank fees associated with a wire transfer. Please add this amount to the total of your purchase. Also, please make sure to pay the second bank fee directly to your bank for initiating the wire transfer.

Where do I get AlphaCom?
Our primary method of distribution is via the Internet. All of our products may be downloaded from our website.

How do I register AlphaCom?
Once you have downloaded and installed AlphaCom, please follow the steps below to register it:

    1. From the Start Menu, select AlphaCom.
    2. Select the Register command on the File menu.
    3. Fill out the appropriate fields on the Register dialog box.
    4. Click on the Register button.

Note: The Register button will only be enabled if the serial number and activation key have been entered precisely.

What about future updates?
Our customers are entitled to receive all major and minor updates for one year from the date of the original purchase. We are continually adding new features to our products. To upgrade to Version 9.0 of AlphaCom released in February of 2013, please click on the Buy Now button on the Purchase page opposite the AlphaCom product description. Scroll to the middle of the next page and follow the directions to upgrade to AlphaCom 9.0.

Will AlphaCom work with my version of UNIX?
Yes, in fact AlphaCom works with virtually every version of UNIX and Windows NT.

Whom should I contact at OmniCom Technologies?

    Colin Barry
    OmniCom Technologies, Inc.
    PO Box 299
    Saunderstown, RI 02888 USA

    Sales: 877-344-9033
    FAX: 401-681-2007


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