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"AlphaCom is a great terminal emulation product, it has most of the features anyone would need. Even though the product is very inexpensive, Omnicom's support is excellent. They stuck with me to try and fix a problem I had with a remote printer, even though there was no big sale hinging on it. I wish some of the big software vendors practiced that same level of service."
AlphaCom 9.5:    prod. info  
Robust multi-session terminal emulation for Windows 10/8.x/7/Vista/200x/NT/ME/98SE with support for SSH, Telnet, direct RS-232, dial-up modem, file transfer, dynamic font sizing, auto-login, and much more. Click on the AlphaCom prod. info link above to learn more.
AlphaCom 9.0 for XP (download)
AlphaCom 8.5 (download)
AlphaCom 8.0 (download)
AlphaCom 7.0 (download)
AlphaCom 6.0 (download)
AlphaCom 5.0 (download)
AlphaCom 9.5
FREE 30 day trial:

[ 3.5mb ]

Experimental version for Mac

AlphaLPD 4.0:    prod. info  
Industry standard and lightning fast remote printing service for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/ME/98SE. Share printers seamlessly between your Windows PCs and UNIX host. Click on the AlphaLPD prod. info link above to learn more.
AlphaLPD 4.0
FREE 30 day trial:

[ 1.4mb ]

Misc Downloads    
AlphaLPD documentation, legacy emulator for Windows 3.1, and other miscellaneous files. Click on Misc Downloads link above to access these files.

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