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"I have a suggestion. Please keep making this product. It works. What a great product - good clean SCOANSI emulation and great first time set up and it works [with] remote printing. I know I sound like I am on the payroll, but this is a great product that does everything I need. Thanks!!"
                      Jim Right

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The lightning fast print service provider that utilizes the industry standard LPD protocol to transfer print jobs from remote UNIX hosts.

Printers can now be easily shared between Windows and UNIX.

AlphaLPD is compatible with most UNIX systems that use LPD services including SCO OpenServer, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and more.

  • Provides functionality not found in Windows NT or 2000's TCP print services
  • Text file conversions
  • Multiple printer configuration
  • Simultaneous printing
  • Buffered print capabilities to prevent overflow
  • DOS/UNIX text mode mapping
  • Immediate, high speed, reliable, one-directional printing
  • Full implementation of UNIX LPD for the Windows Winsock 1.1
  • Configure to print to all ports present on a Windows PC simultaneously
  • Accommodates multiple print requests from multiple UNIX hosts or Windows PCs
  • Requires less than 4MB of disk space

Note: This product comes with AlphaCom for the same price and is only packaged separately for those customers that do not use terminal emulation.

If you require terminal emulation, please go to the AlphaCom product page to purchase AlphaCom with AlphaLPD at the same price. 

Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/ME/98SE


Any UNIX or other host/printer that supports standard LPD protocol

System Requirements:
Windows 7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/ME/98SE running TCP/IP
4MB of hard disk space

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