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NEW! Upgrade to AlphaCom 9.0 Below!

Robust multi-session terminal emulation for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/200x/NT/ME/98SE includes support for SSH, Telnet, direct RS-232, dial-up modem, file transfer, dynamic font sizing, auto-login, and much more. Click on the AlphaCom prod. info link above to learn more.

The cost of an AlphaCom license is US$25.00 per user, with a discounted rate of US$20.00 per user for quantities of 100 or more. This includes an electronic distribution with the software downloaded from the OmniCom Technologies web site. The serial number and activation key are delivered via e-mail to the user.

We now offer our software product on CD at US$12.00 each and an official printed certification card at US$6.00 each. Both the CD and certification card can be purchased as a package for US$15.00 each.

Standard shipping charges are included in the prices quoted above.

Each quantity is selected separately by filling in the order box below. For example, a user may wish to purchase 10 licenses and 6 packages of CDs and certification cards or 1 CD and 5 certification cards.

To place an order, enter the quantity below and click "Buy Now" to add to your shopping cart.

AlphaCom 9.0 Upgrade Instructions Below:

Customers who purchased AlphaCom after Feb 1, 2012: Download the AlphaCom product on the "Download" page of this website at no cost to you as a new user. Register it using your AlphaCom license activation key and serial number. You are all set to begin using the features of the upgrade.

Customers who purchased AlphaCom before Feb 1, 2012: Fill in the fifth line of the order form below with the number of upgrades needed (based on your original purchase) at US$12.50 per user - 50% off discount. Click on "Buy Now." After verifying your order information, click on "Check Out Now." Select your method of payment. Next, enter the number of users of your original purchase and the serial number of the license(s) that you own in the "Special Comments/Instructions" box at the beginning of the order form. After your method of payment is authorized, your new AlphaCom serial number(s) and activation key(s) will be e-mailed to you.

AlphaCom User License
(electronic distribution)

US$25.00 (1-99)
US$20.00 (100+)

AlphaCom CD and
Printed Certification Card


Additional AlphaCom CD


Additional Printed Certification Card


Upgrade User License
(requires serial number)
International Priority Shipping




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